Protection of intellectual property in 179 countries within 10 days

In full accordance with the Berne Convention for Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

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Intellectual property registration

The intellectual property protection prevents from following issues:

  • Unauthorised use of intellectual property by the third parties to obtain financial benefits;
  • Prohibition of use intellectual property by the third parties to get rid of competitor;
  • Claiming the rights for the intellectual property by an outsource developer or former employee;
  • Avoiding infringements by the competitors when a software was developed in different programming language;
  • Fines from the state bodies for using and advertising unregistered intellectual property;
  • Non compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards related to IP assets.

Documents registration

In order to implement legal effect to documents related to intellectual property it is necessary to go through the procedure of their registration:

  • Rightholders Agreement;
  • Assignment Agreement;
  • License Agreement;
  • Outsourcing Agreement;
  • Joint Development Agreement;
  • Technology Consulting Agreement.


Alt Brand
Alt Website
Alt Software
Alt Mobile app
Alt Product design
Alt Graphics design
Alt Package design
Alt Work of Science
Alt Invention
Alt Audio/video materials
Alt Documentation

Required documents

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Registration within 10 working days

Rightholder can be legal entity and/or individual

International recognition in 179 countries

Lifetime validity of the author + 70 years

Registration in English + additional language

No constraints or obligations on registered works


1 Request for consultation
1 Invoicing, Payment, Seach report
1 Agreement and Application
1 Registration, Certificate
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Who we are

Expert Solutions is the representative office of the international intellectual property registry office - minbunsun.
The intellectual property registry office - minbunsun aims to generate a proof of authorship for the result of intellectual activity by implementation of the requirements of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. The authors keep all the rights on the deposited works without having any further obligations towards registry office and can use their intellectual property works as they prefer.
We provide "turnkey" solution, from consulting and collection of primary documents to delivery of the certificate of intellectual property registration.


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